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$10,000 Main Event

Tony Mladenovski Grabs 2017 Aussie Millions Main Event Day 1c Lead

Tony Mladenovski

With a stack of 187,400 in chips, Tony Mladenovski finished atop the final starting day's leaderboard at the 2017 Aussie Millions Main Event in Crown Casino Melbourne. He isn't the player to catch heading into Wednesday's Day 2 of the Southern Hemisphere's most prestigious poker tournament as that position belongs to Mustapha Kanit, who bagged up 215,000 on Day 1b.

Day 1c was a day that saw the largest group of competitors take to the felt. A total of 322 players signed up, pushing the total number of entries up to over 700 again.

After seven levels of action, the final starting flight came to a close in the very early hours of Wednesday morning at Crown Melbourne. It was a day that saw poker stars David Peters, Alex Keating, Connor Drinan, Fatima Moreira de Melo and Winfred Yu hit the rail.

Meanwhile, players like Jay Tan (136,300) Sam Grafton (111,400) Joel Douaglin (110,900) Artur Koren (83,600), Craig McCorkell (82,300), Charlie Carrel (34,300 - who was down to under one big blind) and Mike Watson (16,600) advanced.

High Roll Crusher Connor Drinan was eliminated in Level 5 by Tony Dunst when he committed all his chips in pre-flop holding pocket kings and found himself in front against Dunst's ace-king. However, an ace would flop sending the American pro to the rail. Tony Dunst, last year's runner-up, advanced with 71,300 in chips. The sole player that beat him, 2016 Aussie Millions champion Ari Engel, also made it through and will commence Day 2 with 60,000 in chips.

2014 Aussie Millions champion Ami Barer played his last hand when he called off his short stack pre-flop with pocket queens and found himself up against ace-queen. Two aces would flop and that would be the end of Barer's day and he had to give up all hope of becoming the first ever two-time champion.

Of the 337 that entered on Day 1c, around 177 survived the day. Those survivors will combine with the 195 total remaining entrants from Day 1a and Day 1b to form the complete Day 2 field for Wednesday, but more names could be added to the mix because late registration will remain open until the end of the first level of play on Day 2.

Day 2 will begin at 12:30 p.m. local time, and we here at PokerNews will happily see you then.

Assorted End-Of-Day Chip Counts

Tony Mladenovski187,40019,400
Jay Tan136,30031,300
Stefan Jedlicka115,20085,200
Sam Grafton111,40084,400
Joel Douaglin110,900-31,400
Scott Davies108,20028,200
Dominik Nitsche99,50055,500
Manig Loeser98,70098,700
Artur Koren83,600-1,400
Craig McCorkell82,3007,300
Ben Tollerene72,60011,600
Tony Dunst71,300-5,700
Matt Affleck71,10041,100
Thomas Muehloecker68,000-15,000
Jason Mo61,300-12,700
Ari Engel60,0000
Derek Wolters49,600-20,400
Pratyush Buddiga46,400-23,600
Kristen Bicknell46,2002,200
Ana Marquez44,200-7,800
Nick Petrangelo38,000-29,000
Charlie Carrel34,30018,500
Matas Cimbolas31,900-12,900
Sam Chartier25,500500
Mike Watson16,600-43,400

Three More Hands

And the day is done. Check back soon for a recap of today's action.

Unlucky Engel Takes a Hit

There were two active players on a flop of and the big blind led out for 2,800. Ari Engel was on the button and he bumped it up to 7,600. The bet was called and the arrived on the turn.

The big blind checked it over to Engel who continued for 7,600. His opponent then moved all in for a total of 21,600. Engel snapped it off and the cards went on their backs.


Engel had the best of it with three of a kind jacks and only needed to fade a spade to ensure he locked up the healthy pot and sent his tablemate packing. The meant that wasn't to be as the player in the big blind completed the nut flush and Engel lost a decent portion of his stack.

Ari Engel60,000-55,000

Koren Applies the Pressure

We arrived at the table to find over 30,000 already in the pot and the board spread out .

Artur Koren had bet out 16,600 and was waiting for his opponent who was contemplating his decision.

"Time!" Koren requested casually. "It's been six minutes". The tournament director was called and began the 60-second countdown for Koren's opponent.

"Can I show my cards before I call?" asked the player. He was told he couldn't and eventually opted to fold tabling in the process.

Artur Koren85,00031,000

Glazier Eliminated

Jackie Glazier

With under half an hour left for the day, Jackie Glazier has been eliminated. As we arrived, Glazier was already making her way to the exit. Her former neighbor Ana Marquez told us she had gotten it pre-flop all in with {ax}{qx} up against {10x}{10x} and did not hit.

Jackie Glazier0-32,000

Dunst Moving On Up

Last year's runner-up Tony Dunst is not only still in contention but taking down pots as we enter the final stages of Day 1c. Dunst just added to his stack at the detriment of Thomas Miller.

The board read and while we missed the preflop and flop action, with almost 13,000 in the pot already it was clear the two had been making use of raising chips. Dunst checked the turn in the small blind and Miller, the only other active player, checked behind.

The arrived on the river and Dunst decided on a hefty wager of 13,500. That was too much for Miller who relinquished his hand and forfeited the pot over to Dunst.

Tony Dunst77,0007,000
Thomas Miller61,00061,000

Tollerene Collects a Scalp

On a flop of a short-stacked player moved all in for his remaining 4,400 and was called by Ben Tollerene.


The turn would drop the to give Tollerene the lead with two pair. The meaningless completed the board handing Tollerene the small pot.

"That's all she wrote," said a distraught opponent to his rail, before he collected his belongings, and headed for the door agonisingly close to the end of the opening day's play.

Ben Tollerene61,00013,400

McCorkell Pressures Grigg

On a board reading Craig McCorkell checked his option over to Tom Grigg who bet out 1,200. McCorkell called.

The completed the board and once again McCorkell checked. Grigg reached for his chips and tossed out 2,500. McCorkell then gathered some chips and splashed out a raise to 13,500.

Grigg let out a loud frustrated sigh before instantly mucking his hand relinquishing the pot.

Craig McCorkell75,00045,000
Tom Grigg10,000-11,000


Jason Mo is accumulating chips in the final level here – the most recent addition to his stack can be attributed to a flopped straight.

We caught the action from the turn with the board showing . Players were heads up and the big blind checked it over to Mo in the under the gun seat. The latter bet 3,800 and after a call the dealer revealed the river.

A final check from the big blind prompted Mo to fire for 9,600. The bet was paid off and Mo tabled for a straight.

Jason Mo74,00011,000
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  • Level: 31
  • Blinds: $80,000/160,000
  • Ante: $20,000
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  • Prize Pool: $7,685,000
  • Entries: 725

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