Event Name:

$10,000 Main Event

Trickett Eliminates Oibermann

The player in middle position raised to 600 and was called by the player in the hijack. Sam Trickett then bumped it up to 2,100 from the cutoff before Nick Oiberman committed his remaining 5,550 from the button. The action checked back to Trickett who completed the call.


The board ran out to see Oiberman unable to improve as he hit the rail.

Sam Trickett40,00010,000
Nick Oiberman0-14,000

More Counts

Sam Higgs37,0004,000
Annette Obrestad35,000-5,000
Brandon Adams35,000
Isaac Baron35,000
Jennifer Tilly28,300-3,700
Chance Kornuth18,000600

Laak Details Were Lacking

Phil Laak

Phil Laak was one of the first players to get eliminated from the tournament but up until now, details had not been available. We just spoke to Chance Kornuth who was still sitting at the table Laak started at.

Kornuth told us that Laak check-called a bet in a three-bet pot on {jx}{10x}{2x} before both Laak and his opponent checked the {3x} on the turn. A {9x} completed the board and Phil Laak check-called all in for 10,700. His opponent showed for the nut straight and Laak mucked before getting up to leave the tournament area.

Phil Laak00

Chip Counts

We can't see David Gorr anywhere in the tournament area and his seat is empty so it looks like the 2011 Aussie Millions Champion may have busted.

Ryan Pignatelli61,00026,975
Julius Colman56,50026,500
Max Silver50,5007,500
Andrew Bassat50,00020,000
Jonathan Karamalikis35,00035,000
Shane Warne32,000-11,000
Sam Trickett30,0002,500
Oliver Gill27,000-3,000
Bryan Huang21,0003,625
Jack Salter15,100-18,200
David Gorr0-30,000

Clock Called, Not Granted

As we arrived, the board was already out in a pot between Rainer Kempe on the button and the player under the gun. With on the table, Kempe had all of his 34,500 in front of him, as well as one of the all-in triangles.

The shove appeared to be for around pot and the player under the gun was in the tank. As we arrived, Rainer Kempe had just asked for the clock. The floor came over, asked the dealer if a lot of time had passed, and did not put the clock on as soon as he was told it hadn't been that long just yet.

It didn't matter for Kempe as his opponent folded not much later.

Rainer Kempe65,00036,200

Silver Scoops One

Max Silver is enjoying his Day 1a after taking down a pot and building to 43,000 in chips.

He was on the button and went to a flop of with the player in the small blind. The latter bet 2,200 into Silver who called before the dealer turned the .

The small blind fired for another 3,500 and Silver stuck around to see the peel off on the river.

On the end the small blind checked and Silver loaded up, firing for 9,000. After a tank for two minutes Silver's tablemate decided against it and slid his hand into the muck.

Max Silver43,00043,000

Finger Rising

On a board reading the action is checked twice to Martin Finger who bets out 1,100. Both his opponents call.

The turn brings the and the decision falls back on Finger who fires out 3,500. Only one player calls as the dealer produces the on the river.

A quick check follows before Finger goes into the tank for a minute. He then tosses out 6,000. His opponent glances down at his cards several times before opting to fold his hand.

Martin Finger38,90010,400

Trickett's Mistake Triples Huang

Nick Oiberman was first to act and raised to 600. Two seats down sat Bryan Huang who found himself short stacked and in need of a double. He pushed all in for 5,625. Action folded around to Sam Trickett in the big blind and he slid forward 4,000 - having missed the yellow 5,000-chip Huang had in front of him.

Trickett admitted to having made a mistake but as he had not announced raise, it was ruled a call. Oiberman called as well.

Trickett and Oiberman both checked the flop before Trickett bet 3,000 on the turn. Oiberman called but folded to Trickett's beton the river. Trickett showed giving him the side pot but the main pot went to Huang who tabled .

Sam Trickett27,500-4,500
Bryan Huang17,37511,750
Nick Oiberman14,000-10,000

Ace King No Good for Astapau

Anton Astapau has been enjoying a decent start to his Main Event and was sitting on what looked to be roughly 48,000 as we came to his table and found the Belarus player involved in a heads-up pot against a tablemate.

We caught the action on the turn with the community cards reading and Astapau, sitting in early position, first to act. There looked to be roughly 5,000 or so in the pot already with Astapau leading out for 2,400 with his opponent, sitting in the cutoff, making the call.

The river was the and after pausing to eye up his opponent's stack Astapau led out for 6,500. After mulling over his options the player in the cutoff elected to raise to 21,500 bringing a quick fold from Astapau, who open folded {ax}{kx} leaving his opponent to rake in the 10,600 pot and climb to around 43,000.

Anton Astapau38,000-6,000

Chip Counts

Bas de Laat40,000
James Obst34,5004,500
Luigi Knoppers29,000
Martin Finger28,500
Richard Ashby21,600
Cate Hall16,000
Tournament Information
Events List
  • Level Info

  • Level: 31
  • Blinds: $80,000/160,000
  • Ante: $20,000
  • Players Info

  • Prize Pool: $7,685,000
  • Entries: 725

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