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$10,000 Main Event

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Hallaert Doubled

After a middle position raise to 600 and a call from Julian Stuer in the hijack, small blind Kenny Hallaert three-bet squeezed to 2,800 holding {qx}{qx}. The initial raiser four-bet to 9,500 and Stuer folded. Hallaert moved in for 31,000 and his opponent called after some consideration. Hallaert was up against {ax}{kx} and saw his hand hold upon {jx}{10x}{4x}{2x}{6x}.

Kenny Hallaert60,00030,000

Obst Set Up

On a board of the player under the gun checked his option before James Obst tossed out 4,600. His opponent called before both players watched the complete the board.

This time Obst opted to bet out 9,000 after his opponent checked and was called a moment later.

Obst flipped over his for an over pair but would lose the hand when his opponent tabled for a set of nines.

James Obst12,000-22,500

Double for Huang

Bryan Huang is still in the running after calling off for his tournament life in a recent hand.

When the player on the button raised to 8,000 and the small blind called, Huang squeezed to 3,300 in the big blind. The button thought about it momentarily but gave the hand up before the small blind called again.

The flop came down and the small blind moved all in with enough to cover Huang's remaining 8,475. Huang called instantly and both players tabled their cards.

Small blind:

Huang had the best of it and things stayed that way as the turn and river completed the board.

Bryan Huang24,0007,975

Back at Starting Stack

Martin Jacobson in the big blind checked on a flop of . His opponent on the button checked behind and so the duo saw the on the turn for free. Jacobson bet 3,600 and the button was quick to call. With the completing the board, Jacobson bet 6,700. The button folded and the small pot went to the 2015 World Series of Poker Main Event champion.

Martin Jacobson30,0004,000

Another One

It's break again for the players. The remaining 180 of the 207 registered return to the Crown poker room in 15 minutes.

Huang Takes a Hit

A player sitting under the gun opened the action with a limp and Bryan Huang, sitting under the gun plus one raised to 900 in total. After the action folded around the under the gun player made the call taking the action heads-up to a flop of .

Following his opponent's check, Huang fired out a bet of what looked to be 1,100 and was called to bring both players to the turn.

With a heart flush now possible both players checked and the river came down a non-heart {kx}. The under the gun player opened for 2,000 and after some deliberation Huang made the call, only to pitch his cards into the muck when his opponent turned over for a rivered two pair.

Bryan Huang16,025-4,975

Gill Folds Ladies

Oliver Gill has increased his stack size from the last time we checked but has just taken a little bit of a knock at the hands of a tablemate.

Preflop it was Gill who opened the action with a raise to 575 from middle position only to see an opponent sitting to his direct left three-bet to 1,575 in total. After the action folded around Gill made the call taking the action heads-up to a flop of

Gill check-called his opponent's 1,500 continuation bet and the dealer burned and turned the . Gill checked for the second time and his opponent led out for 3,700 with roughly 35,000 or so behind.

"That's a bad turn, but maybe it saved me," quipped Gill, who open folded {qx}{qx}.

Oliver Gill33,0006,000

Trickett Wins Another

Sam Trickett appears to be playing his rush and has just taken down another pot. Preflop Trickett opened the action to 600 and was called by an opponent in the cutoff.

Both players checked the flop and the turn before Trickett led out for 1,000 on the river, which was enough to get his opponent to give it up leaving the Englishman to rake in the 1,400 pot.

Sam Trickett41,6001,600

Pignatelli Puts the Pressure On

Ryan Pignatelli is stacking some newly acquired chips after pushing off his opponent in a battle of the blinds.

On the flop the player in the small blind checked it to Pignatelli in the big blind and he fired 5,600 into an already bloated pot. The bet was met with a call and the arrived on the turn.

The small blind checked again and Pignatelli continued the aggression with a bet for 14,200. His opponent shot him a suspicious look but couldn't commit, releasing his hand and awarding Pignatelli the pot.

Ryan Pignatelli72,00011,000
Tournament Information
Events List
  • Level Info

  • Level: 31
  • Blinds: $80,000/160,000
  • Ante: $20,000
  • Players Info

  • Prize Pool: $7,685,000
  • Entries: 725

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