Event Name:

$10,000 Main Event

Chip Counts

Vojtech Ruzicka53,00019,000
Isaac Baron45,00010,000
Anton Astapau41,000-1,000
Erik Seidel37,0009,000
Cate Hall21,0007,000
Annette Obrestad18,000-3,500
Jack Salter17,000-500
James Obst15,0002,100
Luigi Knoppers15,000-14,000

Obst On The Comeback Trail

James Obst

James Obst finished 11th in this event last year, and while he has had a rough last couple of levels, his stack is now moving in the right direction again.

On a paired board of both of the players in the blinds checked it over to Obst in the cutoff. The pot was already approximately 6,500 and Obst pushed his last 6,375 into the middle.

The small blind checked and rechecked his cards between studying the board but after a minute he gave it up. The big blind looked like he wanted to commit the chips and tried to get some information from Obst verbally. The two traded some banter back and forth before the big blind decided against putting Obst at risk.

"I'll fold my pocket nines" said the big blind flashing his hand.

Obst collected the pot and moved back up to around 12,900.

James Obst12,9006,900

Prasad Bets Enough

On a flop of Jay Prasad checked over to his opponent on the button who placed out a 2,000-chip bet. Prasad called and both players watched the drop on the turn.

Prasad then led out for 4,000 and was matched a minute later.

The completed the board and Prasad stalled for a moment before sliding out 12,000. His opponent agonized over his decision before reluctantly mucking his hand.

Jay Prasad65,000

Post Break Chip Counts

Chance Kornuth leading Day 1A field with Max Silver and Fabian Quoss rounding out the top three.

Chance Kornuth80,000-2,000
Max Silver66,0001,000
Fabian Quoss62,00037,000
Ryan Pignatelli60,000-12,000
Rainer Kempe51,500-13,500
Dan Shak50,00020,500
David Vamplew47,5503,550
Sam Trickett44,00016,000
Shane Warne44,0005,000
Anton Astapau42,0004,000
Jennifer Tilly40,00011,700
Bryan Huang34,0006,000
Julius Colman33,000-23,500
Kahle Burns32,0002,000
Erik Seidel28,00015,500
Linh Tran25,50025,500
Annette Obrestad21,500-13,500
Jack Salter17,5002,400

Kornuth Climbs a Little Higher

Chance Kornuth established himself as one of the frontrunners here in Level 4 and he continues adding to that big stack after taking down another hand.

We caught the action on the turn with the board reading and Rory Young led for 1,200 into three opponents. He picked up two callers before the action fell to Kornuth on the button. Kornuth wanted to play for more and bumped it up to a relatively sizable 6,000.

Young and the other two players didn't hesitate long before throwing their hands away and yet another pot was sent Kornuth's way.

Chance Kornuth82,0002,000

Warne With the Miss Hit

On a board reading Shane Warne bet out 2,300 as the decision fell on his opponent. He opted to move all in for 11,675 which sent Warne into the tank for a minute. He then called and the cards were tabled.


Warne had a chance to spike a five on the river to take down the hand with a straight, but the card wouldn't come, as the completed the board awarding his opponent the double-up with a set of fours needed to stay alive in the tournament.

Shane Warne39,0007,000

Dinner Break

The remaining 168 players are on their 75-minute dinner break. When they return, blinds will be 200 and 400 with a 50 ante.

Aces Again for Bassat?

Andrew Bassat

Following a raise from under the gun to 750 and two calls from middle position and the button respectively Andrew Bassat squeezed to 3,000 from the small blind. While the original raiser made the call the other two players bowed out taking the action heads-up to a flop of .

Bassat fired out a bet of 4,500 leaving himself around 25,000 behind and sending his opponent deep into the think tank for a minute or so before eventually mucking.

"Choose one," said Bassat, with his opponent picking the right-hand card and turning over the . Regardless of what Bassat actually held it was enough to win the pot and he climbed to just shy of 40,000.

Andrew Bassat40,0005,000

Finger Eliminated

Martin Finger

Martin Finger committed the last of his 7,000 chip-stack preflop after an exchange of bets between his opponent.


Finger would not improve against the pocket pair as the board ran out to see him eliminated just short of the dinner break.

Martin Finger0-38,900

Seidel Fighting Back

Erik Seidel lost a lot of chips after registering late but a big holding has helped him rally back to some breathing room.

The community cards were spread and Seidel moved all in for his last 2,900. Seidel's opponent shrugged and tossed in a call before seeing the for an overpair.

Seidel's kings were good and he raked in the pot, moving back up to 12,500.

Erik Seidel12,500-15,500
Tournament Information
Events List
  • Level Info

  • Level: 31
  • Blinds: $80,000/160,000
  • Ante: $20,000
  • Players Info

  • Prize Pool: $7,685,000
  • Entries: 725

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