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$10,000 Main Event

Pignatelli Wins Battle of the Blinds

Canada's Ryan Pignatelli has got his Main Event off to a positive start after winning a blind versus blind battle. Preflop after the small blind limped Pignatelli bumped it up to 400 in total and received a call.

Both players checked the flop with the small blind leading out for 250 on the turn, which Pignatelli called.

The river brought a check from the small blind opening the door for Pignatelli, who led out for 825. Pignatelli's opponent did not look too happy about this turn of events and hit the think tank before tossing in two green 25-chips to make the call.

Pignatelli flipped over to win the pot as his opponent tapped the table and mucked.

Ryan Pignatelli31,4751,475

Quoss Clipped

Fabian Quoss raised to 400 from the cutoff and was called by his opponent in the big blind.

The flop came and the player in the big blind tossed out 400. Quoss called.

The fell on the turn and once again a bet of 400 was called by Quoss.

For the third time a bet of 400 from the big blind was placed forward after the completed the board. Quoss paused for a moment before raising it up to 2,300. His opponent snap-called and watched as Quoss turned over for two pair.

But it would not be enough as the big blind tabled to see her ace-kicker guarantee her the pot.

Fabian Quoss25,000-5,000

Warne Wins Some Chips

Shane Warne

Australian cricket legend Shane Warne is chipping up after taking down a pot that went three-way to the flop.

After the dealer spread Warne checked from the big blind and the cutoff checked behind. The player on the button fired for 2,500 and after Warne made the call the cutoff relinquished his hand.

The fell on the turn and the action was checked through to the river.

Again it was checked down and Warne tabled for the winner.

Shane Warne38,00038,000

Quoss Sits Down

Quoss won't defend his title in the $100,000 Challenge

Fabian Quoss won the $100,000 Challenge here last year for a massive A$1,446,480 (roughly $1 million) but won't be competing in the event this year.

"I've played poker like three times since Vegas," Quoss said when we asked him if he was defending his title in the $100,000 Challenge.

Quoss actually sat down in the Main Event, so the $100,000 Challenge will crown a new winner this year. The $100,000 Challenge starts in about 40 minutes, but you can follow Quoss' progress right here in the Main Event.

Fabian Quoss30,00030,000

$100,000 Action

In about an hour time, the $100,000 Challenge kicks off here at the 2017 Aussie Million. Running alongside the Main Event for the first two days, and going on a hiatus after that for four days, players wanting to play the $100,000 event can still play the Main Event but will most likely have to go for Day 1c. That means, players playing in today's $10,000 Main Event won't be participating in the $100,000 Challenge.

Max Silver, Jack Salter and Chance Kornuth are playing the Main Event right now, so those high roller regulars have decided to skip the $100,000 Challenge this year.

Kiwi Putt Pressures Tilly

The player in middle position limped into the pot before his opponent in the hijack raised to 300. Jennifer Tilly called from the cutoff as did Louis Salter in the small blind. Graeme 'Kiwi' Putt then tossed out a raise to 1,600 which was enough to force everyone out, except Tilly. She called.

The flop came down and Putt fired out another bet totalling 3,000. Tilly casually slid her cards into the muck as she relinquished the hand.

Graeme Putt44,00014,000
Jennifer Tilly21,000-9,000

Kornuth Regrets Nothing

The player under the gun limped in for 100 and his neighbor Phil Laak followed suit tossing in 100 of his own. The small blind completed before big blind Chance Kornuth raised to 600. The first limper and Laak called, the small blind folded.

The flop came and Kornuth bet 1,000. The under the gun player instantly called and Laak followed his example once more, tossing in a 1,000-chip.

With the hitting the turn, Kornuth checked. Under the gun bet 2,500 and Laak let it go. So did Kornuth who said "I could've just checked and played it friendly..."

The dealer started shoving the pot to the under the gun player as Kornuth added with a big smile: "But I don't regret my decision!"

Mooney Picks One Off

Nick Mooney is making the most of the first level after picking off a tablemate's bluff on the river.

The board was spread and with only two active players, the small blind led at it for 3,600. Mooney studied the board for a couple of minutes before announcing a call to see the good news.


Despite the connected board Mooney made the correct call with his overpair and climbed to 33,000 in chips.

Salter Gets Check-Raised

Jack Salter

We caught the action as the turn was already out in a hand between high roller regular Jack Salter (hijack) and a player in the big blind. The board read as the big blind checked. Salter bet 500 and the big blind called.

The completed the board and the big blind checked once more. Salter bet 600 and the big blind grabbed some multi-colored chips and tossed them in.

"Raise to 1,600" the dealer said.

Salter wasn't too certain of what to do and started a little interrogation.

"Do you have a straight?" Salter asked at one point.

His opponent shook his head.

Salter, still looking a bit puzzled, tossed in a 1,000-chip to call. The big blind showed and mucked. Salter revealed his and collected the chips in the pot.

Jack Salter33,3003,300

Early Birds Arrive

The Crown Poker Room has quickly filled up with around 150 players already taking their seats.

Local pros spotted include Daniel Neilson, James Obst, Kahle Burns, Oliver Gill and Joe Cabret. Cabret is no stranger to the main event. In 2013 he came narrowly close to capturing the title ultimately finishing in second place to Mervin Chen.

The international contingent is also present with David Vamplew, Annette Obrestad, Louis and Jack Salter, Jennifer Tilly, Phil Laak, 3-time WSOP bracelet winner Michael Gathy and 2016 WSOP main event 6th-place finished Kenny Hallaert all in attendance.

David Vamplew30,00030,000
Daniel Neilson30,00030,000
Kenny Hallaert30,00030,000
Kahle Burns30,00030,000
Annette Obrestad30,00030,000
Graeme Putt30,00030,000
Louis Salter30,00030,000
Jennifer Tilly30,00030,000
Joe Cabret30,00030,000
Phil Laak30,00030,000
Jack Salter30,00030,000
Michael Gathy30,00030,000
Oliver Gill30,00030,000
James Obst30,00030,000
Tournament Information
Events List
  • Level Info

  • Level: 31
  • Blinds: $80,000/160,000
  • Ante: $20,000
  • Players Info

  • Prize Pool: $7,685,000
  • Entries: 725

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